• How is the installation height of urinal appropriate

    What is the height of the urinal unit? The height of urinal device is generally required to refer to the national standard construction quality acceptance standard of water supply and drainage and heating engineering. Generally speaking, the height of residential and public buildings is 600mm, while that of kindergarten is 450mm. The height of urinal device used by children should be determined by their comfort degree, which is generally about 30cm. 1. For floor type products, it is necessary to install the device when the pipeline is made, otherwise it will be very difficult in the later stage. During the operation, firstly, confirm the position of the drainage pipe to the wall tile, then confirm the device position at the back of the urinal, and then drill holes and use special accessories to connect the device


  • Purchasing skills of intelligent urinal

    1. Intelligent experience: the induction urinal adopts advanced infrared sensing technology. When purchasing, you can sprinkle some water in the product to see whether it is washed out immediately. The person leaves for 15 seconds, stops flushing and remains in standby mode. 2. Specification selection: the distance from the center of the urinal inlet with flushing valve to the finished wall shall not be less than 60mm, the thickness of any part of the body shall not be less than 6mm, and the water seal depth of all sanitary ceramics with all traps shall not be less than 50mm. 3. Whether it is easy to clean: carefully observe the appearance, see whether it is flooded under the light, and then touch the appearance with your hand, which should be bright


  • Cleaning and maintenance of Jiangmen urinal

    Ordinary urinals are generally made of ceramic materials, which are smooth and not easy to leave dirt. However, after a long time of use, there will inevitably be some traces of water or urine. Bathroom urinal cleaning, at this time users can be sold on the market brush or sponge, with neutral detergent plus cold or warm water cleaning. When cleaning, pay special attention to the water ring edge and the drain under the water seal where the dirt is easy to hide. In addition, attention should be paid to the cleaning of the water outlet to avoid blockage caused by some impurities. Urinal maintenance in daily life also need to maintain good habits of ordinary urinals, specific can start from the following several aspects


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