• How to deal with water leakage of flushing water tank?

    1. First of all, open the water tank of the toilet. Let's see what level the inside water ladle is at when the water tank is full. If the internal water is full, the water tank is still in water, so it must be leaking out. 2. Let's use water to pull the water ladle's clamping position up and down to see the sensitivity of the water scoop. If it is not smooth, it may be difficult to move, that is to say that the equipment of the water ladle is out of order. Remember to press the position of the water scoop a little bit, not too high. 3. Be able to remove the equipment of the water scoop and clean it. If you don't understand how to dismantle it, you can directly put dry water in the water tank and wash it with detergent


  • Installation process of flushing water tank in Jiangmen

    Urinal flushing tank - prepare a tape measure in the process of urinal flushing tank installation, and then use the tape measure to measure the size of the original urinal flushing tank, and also need to measure the height of the wall device. When purchasing the water tank, we should consider the size of the urinal flushing tank. In the future, first of all, check all the accessories of the urinal flushing tank, and check whether there are all spare parts, and understand the use of all the accessories of the urinal flushing tank, and understand the device position of the spare parts. The drainage pipe of the squatting toilet is on the right, the left side of the squatting toilet is the water tank, and the middle part of the squatting toilet


  • Purchasing skills of flushing water tank in Jiangmen toilet

    The whole store has its own characteristics. There is a model room, which can prove the strength of various qualifications in a more obvious position. Whether the appearance of a sample can be reflected by the attention of the manufacturer. 2. Touch the surface of the squatting pan with good surface. The glaze and body of the high-level water tank of the squatting toilet are more delicate, and there will be no uneven feeling on the surface by hand. The glaze of the high water tank of the middle and low-grade squatting pan is relatively dark. Under the light irradiation, pores will be found, and the glaze and the body are relatively rough.


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