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Jiangmen Refreshing Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is located in the east district of Songyuan Industrial Zone, Duruan North Road, Pengjiang District, Jiangmen city, Guangdong Province, with superior geographical location and convenient logistics.
       Squatting implement and water saving water tank are already necessary in toilet, numerous enterprises also have the product that produces this type and regard it as form a complete set product, at the same time gradually cast eye to the product such as intelligent wei Yu, integral wei Yu space, hutch defends a body to be aimed at the market.However, some enterprises with social responsibility are willing to contribute to the development of the industry and the innovation of product technology.Although we did not redefine a new industry, we upgraded the squat toilet from a new water-saving idea to a combination of flushing water tank and urinal. Acorn intelligent urinal has become a pioneer in the combination of flushing water tank and urinal. The company's belief: innovation and transformation in the future.


Magnetic induction, automatic door flushing, intelligent and convenient


Open door design, isolation peculiar smell, simple and beautiful


Certificate of invention patent, certificate of utility model, certificate of design patent

ICLEAN smart urinate box was born out of a normal between husband and wife of noisy, because male is convenient, the urine trace will inevitably spread to the ground, water will impact more and more dirty, the more the farther and thus will cause a lot of women, but installed directly urinals, way is open space is not enough and women don't like.....................As a result,. ICLEAN smart urinate were born from this. In product design, the company focuses on market research to understand the needs of domestic and foreign consumers, and establishes a detailed market research and product database.Make product research and development design realize the perfect combination of science and creativity.
       The company has always been to design and innovation as the soul of the company, established by personalized and differentiated, environmental protection and water saving, health and leisure, cultural and social design direction for the four themes, from the world of nature, fashion and color inspiration, constantly breakthrough innovation on product design, for consumers to create a unique style of modern sanitary ware life enjoyment.


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