Purchasing skills of intelligent urinal

2020-10-08 213

1. Intelligent experience: the induction urinal adopts advanced infrared sensing technology. When purchasing, you can sprinkle some water in the product to see whether it is washed out immediately. The person leaves for 15 seconds, stops flushing and remains in standby mode.

2. Specification selection: the distance from the center of the urinal inlet with flushing valve to the finished wall shall not be less than 60mm, the thickness of any part of the body shall not be less than 6mm, and the water seal depth of all sanitary ceramics with all traps shall not be less than 50mm.


3. Whether it is easy to clean: carefully observe the appearance, see whether it is flooded under the light, and then touch the appearance with your hand, which should be bright, smooth and crystal clear; there are no obvious pinholes, lack of glaze and cracks; tap the appearance, the sound is clear and pleasant, no cracking sound, no deformation of the shape, etc.

4. On site water test: when purchasing, water can be tested on site to see the scouring speed and cleanliness.

5. Sewage ability: a good intelligent toilet has complete sewage discharge, large scouring area, low noise, water saving, bright appearance and low water absorption.

Style judgment and selection of induction urinal

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