How is the installation height of urinal appropriate

2020-10-08 210

What is the height of the urinal unit?

The height of urinal device is generally required to refer to the national standard construction quality acceptance standard of water supply and drainage and heating engineering. Generally speaking, the height of residential and public buildings is 600mm, while that of kindergarten is 450mm. The height of urinal device used by children should be determined by their comfort degree, which is generally about 30cm.

1. Floor type

For this kind of product, it must be installed when the pipe is made, otherwise it will be very troublesome in the later stage. During the operation, first confirm the position of the drain pipe to the wall tile, then confirm the device position at the rear of the urinal, then drill holes and fix it with special accessories. After installing the rear fittings, apply sealant between the urinal and the wall. The height is recommended to be 750px This is more conducive to drainage.


2. Hanging type

Generally speaking, there are many accessories required for this style. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare them in advance during operation, so as to avoid confusion during installation, such as screws, decorative caps, copper horse heads, rubber rings, urinal hooks, etc., all of which are indispensable. The height of the device should be about 1250px.

3. Children urinal

As for the children, because they are small, the corresponding scale is smaller. If they can solve the problem by themselves, the height is about 750px. If they can't solve it by themselves and need the help of adults, then the scale should be designed according to the adult's.

Source: Jiangmen urinal

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