What are the flushing methods of urinal?

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Urinal is a toilet for men. It is usually used less in our private family than in some public places. At present, there are few kinds of urinals on the market, but there are still one or two. So today, I will take you to have a look at the classification and purchasing skills of urinals.

Classification of urinal: siphon type

In fact, there are only two types of urinals: the flush type and the siphon type. First of all, let's take a look at the principle of siphon urinal. The so-called siphon urinal may not be mentioned. Many people will treat it with mist. Siphon refers to the siphon effect formed by the difference between the height of the water seal at the bottom and the height difference of the backwater bend It's still quite common in the market because it sucks the dirt out in a whirlpool, which is a way of vacuum suction. However, many people choose it now, mainly because this type of urinal is of good quality and strong odor proof function.


Classification of urinal: flushing type

The flushing urinal is a kind of urinal commonly used in the past, but after the emergence of siphon type, the people who choose are naturally much less. Maybe we don't know much about this kind of urinal. The so-called flushing urinal is to use the impact force of water flow to discharge the objects. Its feature is that the pool wall is generally designed to be very steep, and the water seal area of the pool is relatively Small, low water storage, of course, its anti odor function is not very strong.

Source: Jiangmen urinal http://www.jmqsjj.com/

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