What are the purchasing methods of Jiangmen urinal?

2020-10-08 208

How to choose and buy urinal

Above, we introduced the classification and price of urinal. Many partners who want to buy it must be eager to buy it. But before we buy it, I still want to introduce its purchasing skills for us, so as not to be satisfied with the urinal we buy.

1) size selection:

The urinal is very important now. In our daily use, the distance from the middle of the water inlet to the finished wall of the urinal with flushing valve should be smaller than 6 mm. In addition, the thickness of the green body at any part of the urinal should be greater than 60 mm deep water sealing depth. The water seal depth of sanitary ceramics with all traps should be more than 60 mm We buy urinals, pay attention to the size.

2) whether it is easy to clean:

Urinal in the use of the process, it is easy to dirty, so choose to consider the problem of cleaning.


3) applicable to shopping malls:

When we choose and buy, we should try to wash it with water in the shopping mall to see if it is clean or not.

4) pay attention to after-sales quality:

Now when we choose products, we have to look for after-sales problems. So when we choose products, we should look at the after-sales service of the merchants. I advocate that we should select more big brand merchants, and the after-sales service of these businesses is relatively perfect.

Today we briefly introduced the price and classification of urinal, but in the market, siphon must be better and safer, but the price is also much more expensive, depending on how you choose. Trust the above content, we will have more or less understanding, hope this article can help you.

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