Installation process of flushing water tank in Jiangmen

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Urinal flushing tank - process I of urinal flushing tank device

Prepare a tape measure, and then use the tape measure to measure the original size of the toilet flushing tank, and also need to measure the height of the wall device. When purchasing the water tank, we should consider the measurement of the size of the urinal flushing tank.

Process 2 of urinal flushing tank device

In the future, first of all, check all the accessories of the urinal flushing tank, check whether there are all spare parts, and understand the use of all accessories of urinal flushing tank, and understand the device parts of spare parts. The drain pipe of the squatting toilet is on the right, the left side of the squatting toilet is a water tank, and the center of the squatting toilet is a connecting cup and a conical washer.

Process 3 of urinal flushing water tank device

For the device that can formally carry out the flushing tank of urinal, one step of its installation is to assemble the drainage pipes. First, connect the two straight pipes, and then connect the bent pipes. The straight pipes and elbows are all connected. In the future, the connected pipes will be installed to the original pipes, and some of the original pipes can not be replaced.

Process 4 of urinal flushing tank

There are two water valves in the flushing pipe, one is the inlet valve and the other is the drain valve. These two water valves need to be installed, put it near the water tank, and then need to check whether there is a problem with it, and cover the water tank cover.


Process 5 of urinal flushing tank device

Hang the hook of hanging water tank on the wall, fasten the screw on the wall, and put the water tank on the hook.

Process 6 of urinal flushing tank device

Place the conical rubber ring and the connecting cup, then cover the connecting cup on the drain pipe, and install the drain pipe to the bottom of the water tank.

Urinal flushing tank - process 7 of urinal flushing tank device

All the spare parts will be installed well in the future, the water tank device of squatting toilet is basically completed. The hose should be connected to the water inlet outside the water tank to complete the connection. In the future, water test operation is required. Check whether there is water leakage in the pipeline. Once the problem is found, it must be handled in time, and the instruction manual can be checked for re installation.

Now we should have a certain understanding of the installation process of urinal flushing tank, learn how to install it, when we have problems in the future, we can easily solve them, not only save costs, but also solve problems in time. Well, we have seen the installation process of urinal flushing tank introduced by Xiaobian above. Have we learned how to install toilet flushing tank? I hope the above information can help us.

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