Purchasing skills of flushing water tank in Jiangmen toilet

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Toilet flushing tank -- the purchasing skills of toilet flushing tank

1. Look at the whole

The store has its own characteristics, with a model room, can prove the strength of the various qualifications placed in a more obvious position. Whether the appearance of a sample can be reflected by the attention of the manufacturer.

2. Touch the surface

Good squatting pan high water tank surface glaze and body are more delicate, touch the surface will not have uneven feeling. The glaze of the high water tank of the middle and low-grade squatting pan is relatively dark. Under the light irradiation, pores will be found, and the glaze and the body are relatively rough.


3. Weigh up

A good high-temperature water tank of the squatting pan must be made of high-temperature ceramics in sanitary ceramics. The firing temperature of this kind of ceramics is above 1200 ℃. The crystal phase transformation of the material structure is completed, and the dense glass phase is formed. It meets the requirements of all ceramic sanitary ware and has a heavy feeling. Medium and low-grade squatting pan high-level water tank are used in sanitary ceramics in the medium and low-temperature ceramics.

4. Specific water absorption

The obvious difference between high-temperature ceramics and medium and low-temperature ceramics is water absorption rate. The water absorption rate of high-temperature ceramics is lower than 0.2%. The products are easy to clean, do not absorb peculiar smell, and will not cause glaze cracking and local water leakage. The water absorption rate of medium and low temperature ceramics is much higher than this standard, and it is easy to enter sewage, and it is not easy to clean. It will also give off bad smell, and cracks and water leakage will occur after a long time.

5. Test flushing water

For the high-level water tank of squatting toilet, the main function is flushing. Whether the pipeline design of high-level water tank of squatting toilet is scientific and reasonable is a major factor affecting flushing.

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